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Biff Collie

October 26, 1982 OHC68 76 min.


Country music disc jockey and promoter. Born November 25, 1926. Died February 19, 1992. Real name: Hiram Abiff Collie. Career active 1940s-1980s. Host of the Philip Morris Country Music Show, a famous road show of 1957-1958. Worked at KFOX, Long Beach, California during the 1960s. Member, Country Music DJ Hall of Fame.

Interview Summary

1982 October 26
(1 hour, 16 minutes)
Biff Collie discusses his career as a disc jockey in the country music industry. Discussion includes meeting Roy Acuff; getting a job as a gofer for Starkist Toothpaste; first experience as a disc jockey for San Antonio station KMAC at age 14; radio work while in the military; broadcasting from KBKI in Alice, Texas; his broadcasting style; his theory of what makes a hit song.

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