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Boudleaux Bryant

May 12, 1983 OHC71 173 min.


Songwriters. Boudleaux born February 13, 1920; died June 25, 1987. With his wife Felice (born August 7, 1925; died April 22, 2003), Boudleaux wrote some of the most popular songs ever recorded in Nashville. Best remembered as the writers of many of the Everly Brothers’ biggest hits, including “Bye, Bye Love,” “Wake Up Little Susie,” and “All I Have To Do Is Dream.” Other hits they wrote include “How’s the World Treating You,” “Let’s Think About Living,” and “Rocky Top.” Members, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. Members, Country Music Hall of Fame®.

Interview Summary

1983 May 12
(2 hours, 53 minutes)
Songwriter Boudleaux Bryant discusses the songwriting career of he and wife Felice during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Discussion includes working with the Everly Brothers; their Acuff-Rose contract; the start of the House of Bryant publishing company; BMI vs. ASCAP; the role of publishing companies; their views on songwriting; working with Fred rose; Fred Rose as songwriter; and Fred Rose’s beliefs as a follower of Christian Science.

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