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Charlie Monroe

September 1, 1972 OH501 92 min.


Country performer and bandleader. Born July 4, 1903. Died September 27, 1975. Full name: Charles Pendleton Monroe. Career most active 1930s-1950s. Performed with his brother, Bill Monroe, during the late 1920s-1930s as the Monroe Brothers. The duo broke up in 1938. Formed the Kentucky Pardners and recorded with them during the late 1930s-1950s on the RCA and Decca labels. Recordings include “Bringin’ in the Georgia Mail,” and “Old Kentucky Bound.”

Interview Summary

1972 September 1
(1 hour, 32 minutes)
Country performer Charlie Monroe talks about the early years of his career, focusing on his years with the Monroe Brothers. Discussion includes stories from his childhood; the story behind his song “Mother’s White Rose”; early musical influences and memories of his musical family, including his uncle Pendleton Vandiver (Uncle Pen); his first guitar; start of the Monroe Brothers and memories from their early career; experiences working for the Sinclair and Standard Oil companies; memories of his brother, Bill Monroe; performing for Texas Crystals; working as a professional dancer on the WLS road show; experiences as an amateur baseball player; the early years of his career; their first recordings and the role of Eli Oberstein; memories of the Monroe’s career; the decision to split the group; and comments on several former sideman.

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