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Dwight Butcher

July 28, 1969 OH290 57 min.


Country music performer and songwriter. Born August 6, 1911. Died November 11, 1978. Career most active during the 1930s. Primarily radio and stage performer, but also recorded under several names during the 1930s, including Slim Oakdale, Hank Hall, and Dwight Butcher. Songwriting credits include “Love Letters Bring Memories of You” (recorded by Jimmie Rodgers), and “Goodbye to Old Mexico” (recorded by Gene Autry).

Interview Summary

1969 July 28
(57 minutes)
Performer Dwight Butcher recalls his career in the country music industry during the 1930s. Discussion includes learning to play the guitar; performing on the radio; signing a contract with the Southern Peer Music Company; recording for several labels, including Decca; the different names he recorded under; his first record; working clubs and radio in the mid-1930s, including work in New York City; leaving the music business in the late 1930s; working with Jimmie Rodgers; songwriting; highlights of his musical career; reflections on the impact of Jimmie Rodgers; and comments on current trends in country music.

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