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Henry Glover

April 25, 1990 OHC130 350 min.


Music industry executive, producer, and songwriter. Born May 21, 1921. Died April 7, 1991. Full name: Henry Bernard Glover. AKA: Henry Bernard. Career most active late 1940s-1970s. Among the first African-American music executives on a major label. Produced r&b and country music. His production credits include recordings by Bull Moose Jackson, Grandpa Jones, Hawkshaw Hawkins, and Moon Mullican. Worked for several record labels, including King Records, Roulette, and Starday-King. Songwriting credits include “I Love You, Yes I Do,” and “Blues Stay Away From Me.” Produced the 1975 Grammy Award winning album, The Muddy Waters Woodstock Album.

Interview Summary

1990 April 25
(5 hours, 50 minutes)
Producer Henry Glover recounts the development and highlights of his music career. Discussion includes a family history; his childhood growing up in Hot Springs, Arkansas; issues of race; his musical influences; his college years; his music education and training; the introduction of the diminished chord; his work as an arranger; his songwriting, including “I Love You, Yes I Do”; working as a musician; working for King Records; recording Hank Penny and Moon Mullican; working with Syd Nathan; and memorable experiences from his career.

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