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Jim Bulleit

February 10, 1976 OH28 142 min.


Nashville recording industry pioneer. Born November 4, 1908. Died December 12, 1988. Music industry career active 1940s-1950s. Co-founder of Bullet Records, one of Nashville’s first independent record labels and the first to achieve national status.

Interview Summary

1976 February 10
(2 hours, 22 minutes)
Record industry pioneer Jim Bulleit talks about his career during the 1940s and 1950s. Discussion includes the first record made in Nashville; recording Wynonie Harris and Cecil Gant; distribution of the early records; the start of the Nashville music business; the start of Bullet Records; early successes; the popularity of bandleader Francis Craig’s recording of “Near You”; signing Lefty Frizzell for Columbia Records executive Don Law; a brief history of his career prior to the start of Bullet Records; the development of his interest in country music; memories of Fred Rose; working as a booking agent; memories of early country performers; the start of his wholesale candy business; the end of Bullet Records; managing the Louisiana Hayride; working at Sun Records; Sam Phillips; and his career outside of the music business.

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