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Laura Lee Owens McBride

April 24, 1974 OH96 71 min.


Country music singer. Born 1920. Died January 25, 1989. Career active 1940s-1980s. Daughter of singer Tex Owens, niece of Texas Ruby. Known as the first female vocalist to work with Bob Wills. Joined Wills in the early 1940s. Later performed and recorded with husband Dickie McBride. Remained an active performer and recording artist until her death.

Interview Summary

1974 April 24
(1 hour, 11 minutes)
Western swing performer Laura Lee Owens McBride recalls the early years of her career. Discussion includes her childhood and early musical interests; memories of her father’s (Tex Owens) early career; her start as a radio performer; her career during the mind-1940s, including her start with Bob Wills; memories from her early work with Bob Wills; the western swing performance style; examples of her songs; working in movies and television; and reflections on her singing talent.

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