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Lonzo & Oscar

April 6, 1984 OHC301 131 min.


Country music comedy duo. Popular Grand Ole Opry act. Career active from the 1940s through the mid-1980s. The team consisted of Oscar, played by Rollin Sullivan (born January 19, 1919), and Lonzo, played in succession by three different performers: Lloyd Leslie George (Lonzo #1, born June 27, 1924; died October 19, 1991); John Y. Sullivan (Lonzo #2, born July 7, 1917; died June 5, 1967); and Dave Hooten (Lonzo #3, born February 4, 1935). The Lonzo & Oscar name is now (2008) owned by country performer Billy Henson.

Interview Summary

1984 April 6
(2 hours, 11 minutes)
Comedian Rollin Sullivan, “Oscar” from Lonzo & Oscar, discusses the development of the act. Discussion includes musical trends; the musical style of Paul Howard; recording “I’m My Own Grandpa”; their first television appearance; joining the Grand Ole Opry; the breakup of the first Lonzo & Oscar act; the Cicero & Oscar comedy act; the second Lonzo & Oscar act, including the Cousin Jody character; and examples of comedy routines.

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