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Moonshine Kate

November 22, 1985 OHC169 117 min.


Country music performer. Born October 10, 1909. Died 1992. Real name: Rosa Lee Carson. Daughter of legendary fiddler Fiddlin’ John Carson. Career most active mid-1920s-early 1930s. Recognized as one of the earliest country performers to make commercial recordings and perform on the radio. Best known for her portrayal of Moonshine Kate, a character created as part of a comedy routine with her father. During the late 1920s performed with her father on Atlanta radio station WSB.

Interview Summary

1985 November 22
(1 hour, 57 minutes)
Rosa Lee Carson, best known as Moonshine Kate, talks about the country music career of herself and her father, Fiddlin’ John Carson. Discussion includes memories of her father as a fiddle champion and the fiddle contests he participated in; the story behind the name “Fiddlin’ John”; her family history and stories about her father; performing on medicine shows; the Moonshine Kate skits; Fiddlin’ John’s performance style; radio performances; other musicians she knew during the years of her father’s career; and her experiences as a traveling performer.

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