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Pappy Neal McCormick

September 12, 1988 OHC185 120 min.


Bandleader and steel guitarist. Born October 3, 1909. Career most active 1930s-1940s. AKA: “Pappy” Neal McCormick. Performed on radio and stage, primarily in Alabama and Florida.

Interview Summary

1988 September 12
(2 hours)
Steel guitarist Neal McCormick recalls his career. Discussion includes his Indian background and being elected as Principal Chief East of the Mississippi in the Creek Indian Tribe; growing up in a sharecropping family; first time he got a real guitar; playing tunes at house parties with his family; playing guitar for Tom Darby and Jimmie Tarlton; learning to play and building the steel guitar; dealing with sponsors and the finances of working for radio; his band, the Hawaiian Troubadours; making transcriptions for use on radio; running his barn dance in Florida; the variety of tunes he played; touring in his limousine; meeting Hank Williams when Williams was a teenager and hiring him to play in his band; memories of Williams and his troubles with alcohol and his wife Audrey; and McCormick’s gospel music.

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