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Speedy West

November 18, 1974 OH193 45 min.


Pioneer pedal steel guitarist. Born January 25, 1924. Died November 15, 2003. Real name: Wesley Webb West. Career most active late 1940s and 1950s. Pedal steel pioneer who teamed with guitarist Jimmy Bryant. The team recorded on their own and backed numerous West Coast sessions for numerous country and pop artists. Recognized for his fast tempos and jazz-like improvisational style. Member, Steel Guitar Hall of Fame.

Interview Summary

1974 November 18
(45 minutes)
Steel guitarist Speedy West gives an overview of his career. Discussion includes working for Cliffie Stone; his work in the recording studio; development of his playing style; the West Coast as a recording center; the impact of rock & roll on the country recording industry; experiences working with Paul Weston; his pioneering work with the pedal steel guitar; the impact of Bud Isaacs on the steel guitar sound; his work with Jimmy Bryant; his touring work during the late 1950s; and his career outside the music business.

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