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Tom T.  Hall

July 22, 1969 OH322 77 min.


Country music singer-songwriter. Born May 25, 1936. Career most active 1960s-1970s. His songwriting credits include “Harper Valley PTA” (recorded by Jeannie C. Riley, 1968) “(Old Dogs, Children and) Watermelon Wine,” and “I Love.” Hosted the Pop Goes the Country syndicated television series during the early 1980s. Member, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. Member, Country Music Hall of Fame®.

Interview Summary

1969 July 22
(1 hour, 17 minutes)
Singer-songwriter Tom T. Hall talks about his career. Discussion includes his childhood and early musical influences; his first performances; the development of his songwriting; his early radio work; his move to Nashville and the start of his professional career; the audience base of country music; his professional ambitions; the psychology of a songwriter; his personal appearances; the impact of the music business on his personal life; competition within the music industry; changes in country music; the need for good writers; the combination of elements that affect the career of the songwriter; his songs; and comments on what he considers a performer owes the public.

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