Student Resources

College and Career

Gain insight from country music icons Bill Anderson, Patty Loveless, and Martina McBride regarding their journey into music, along with valuable advice for aspiring professionals in the music industry.


Patty Loveless

Patty discusses the influence of her family on her musical style, her unwavering commitment to her traditional roots, and offers guidance to students in search of their ideal career. 

Martina McBride

Learn about Martina’s dual roles as an artist and a producer, discover the key influences on her sound, and understand how she utilizes her platform to champion women’s advocacy. 

Bill Anderson

Discover the origins of Bill Anderson’s nickname, “Whisperin’ Bill,” explore the impact of college on his perspective, and learn why he considers Hank the greatest of all time. 

Career Advice for Aspiring Songwriters

Meet David Israelite
David Israelite: What is a career path?
David Israelite: How do songwriters make money?
David Israelite: What is a PRO?
David Israelite: What is a music publisher?
David Israelite: How do songwriters get paid?
David Israelite: How can I learn more?

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