Artifact Bytes

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Artifact Bytes support social studies instruction for students in grades K-8. Designed with focus on Tennessee, these two-minute videos introduce country music performers and/or objects important to the country music story. Each Byte begins with an essential question, and most of the music, film clips, and photos are from the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s archives.

The accompanying worksheet challenges students to think critically and share what they learned in each video. The worksheet is accessible on this page and on the student page for individual access.

This content is intended for individual classroom use only. All teachers are required to register for their own classroom needs.

If students need to access videos independently, share this link: Artifact Bytes

Supporting Materials


Unbroken Circle: What is the Country Music Hall of Fame, and who is honored there?
Rural Sounds on the Radio: Who was DeFord Bailey, and why was he called the “Harmonica Wizard”?
Songteller: Who is Dolly Parton, and why is she an important Tennessean?
King of the Road: Who is Elvis Presley, and what is his Cadillac limousine?
Talking Machine: What is a gramophone, and how does it work?
Roots and Strings: What instruments defined early country music, and where did they come from?
Tennessee Saturday Night: Who is Minnie Pearl, and what is the Grand Ole Opry?
Home Sweet Home to Me: What is “Rocky Top,” and why is it important?
Genius of Soul: Who is Ray Charles, and what was his impact on country music?
The Man in Black: Who is Johnny Cash, and why did he wear black?

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