Traveling Trunks

Students can feel, hold, play, and hear the timeless tools of both musicians and music enthusiasts. Options include an acoustic, electric, or listening devices trunk with instructional activities and guides.

Listening Devices

The Listening Devices Traveling Trunk includes a transistor radio, record player, 8-track player, boombox, cassette player (Walkman), CD player (Discman), and MP3 player (iPod). The Instructional Guide challenges students to think critically, collaborate, and communicate as they evaluate how and why these technologies changed over time.

Listening Device Instructional Guides


Students can feel, hold, play, and hear acoustic and electric instruments, including an acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle mandolin, ukulele, lap steel guitar, and electric guitar. Using the how-to guides, students can learn fingering positions for basic chords as well as how to tune an instrument. The teacher's guide Shapes, Sound Holes, and Strings introduces students to the history and design of instruments as well as the musicians who play them.

Audio Tracks

Track 1: Acoustic Guitar, "Blackberry Blossom"

00:00  /  00:00

Track 2: Banjo, "Home Sweet Home"

00:00  /  00:00

Track 3: Fiddle, "Sally Ann"

00:00  /  00:00

Track 4: Mandolin plus Banjo. Fiddle and Bass, "Old Favorite's Melody"

00:00  /  00:00

Track 5: Instruments played together, "Get Up John"

00:00  /  00:00

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