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Pie Plant Pete

June 12, 1987 OHC200 168 min.


Country music performer. Born July 9, 1906. Died February 7, 1988. Real name: Claud J. Moye. Radio and television performer. Began professional career in 1928 on the WLS National Barn Dance. Known for his novelty and mountain songs, for which he played the guitar and harmonica simultaneously. Recorded for several labels during the 1930s-1940s, including Decca and ARC.

Interview Summary

1987 June 12
(2 hours, 48 minutes)
Country entertainer Claud Moye, better known as Pie Plant Pete, talks about his long career in music starting in the 1920s. [Claud spelled correctly]. Discussion includes his family history and childhood; early musical interests; developing the harmonica brace; using his music to sell vacuum cleaners; his experiences in Chicago as a young musician; his start at WLS; memories of early National Barn Dance performers; his decision to stay in Chicago; the growth of his popularity as a performer; working at Cleveland, Ohio, station WTAM; sources for his material; his on program on the Red Network; origin of the stage name Pie Plant Pete; his stage costume; working with Grandpa Jones; and an overview of his career from the 1940s-early 1980s.

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